Worth More Standing

When you think of British Columbia, you probably have old forests with giant trees in mind. That’s how it was before white settlers came here and decided to live here. The crimes they committed against the indigenous population are horrible. People had lived here for thousands of years in peace and with nature. They only…

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More Than A Party

Four backpacks, some courage and ourselves: That’s all we brought when we arrived in Canada and on the island on this day exactly two years ago. 🛬🇨🇦🏞️ Fast forward: We are still so happy and grateful that we landed in such gorgeous surroundings – as well as for our two kitties, new friends and all…

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Birthday, 2nd

I had a fabulous day full of sun, amazing views, yummy food and interesting insights: We visited the incredibly beautiful Botancial Beach, showed our support for the Fairy Creek Blockade.A day how I fancy it: How spoiled rotten I am! PS: And thanks to C2s best friend Meike we enjoyed a vegan cake from Vienna…

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I (C1) really fancied that perfect day last weekend – full of good surprises, written, spoken and sung messages, chocolate , the best pizza ever, time out in nature and at our cozy home together with my most favorite beings and a good board game. Already signed up for a sequel in 2021.

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I Feel Loved

We had something very special to celebrate yesterday and spent a fabulous day in Sidney by the Sea – even with yummy vegan scones. But before that, I was gifted with a unique and beautiful picture: „Pusby and the Crows“. Thanks so much, C1, for this amazing surprise (and of course our friend Jean-Ann for…

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When everybody seems to be enthusiastic about a place we both tend to be rather skeptical – at least it helps to avoid being disappointed in the end. What would Tofino actually be like? Would the famous seaside town on Vancouver Island be a good spot for our first and desperately needed holiday after 1,5…

Von C2 15. September 2020 2

Down By The Water

On an island the ocean of course is never far away. That’s even more true, if you are living near the coast – as we have been doing for a year now. Yes, this week we had our first „Sooke Anniversary“: one year ago we moved into our house on the West Coast. During the…

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My Secret Garden

Do you fancy a zucchini, or more? How about 100? Several of our neighbours and friends have heard that question recently. That’s not surprising, since we started a zucchini production on a grand scale. We didn’t plan that way, but it turned out that way. Worse things can happen. In spring, when C2 planted the…

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Whales Tales

What a mind-blowing experience: We saw our first whales! No planning was needed: We just walked on a beach, and suddenly they appeared. So we observed two humpback whales from shore for more than an hour, a mother and her calf. This day had some more spectacular sightings to offer: Botanical Beach with its unique…

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