Sweetest Perfection

Our house is not what it used to be. Suddenly the rooms are filled with strange noises, action and cuteness. We’ve got a new roommate, a very fluffy one: May we introduce to you – the one and only Pusby. Pusby is a 15-weeks-old kitten. A non-profit charity named Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue rescued her…

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All Sparks

Time flies, indeed! 6 months ago we arrived with a ferry on the island. We have experienced, seen, learned so much during that time – and have written about that on this blog. One thing that never ceases to amaze us: The generosity of (more or less) strangers. People in Canada are very, very friendly…

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Just Can’t Get Enough

Nothing new from us in Sooke this week – everything took its course, everything is fine. It was a sunny, beautiful week on the West Coast for sure! So, we just share some pics of our energizing walks from the past few days. Enjoy!

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An Ordinary Life

Hello everyday life – it’s nice to have you back! The last few months have been a marathon – organizing an immigration, packing up all our stuff, getting rid of a lot of things, dealing with the moving company, the realtor and the property management in Munich, saying goodbye to friends and family, leaving the…

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Happy House

How lovely it is to live by the ocean – we still are in constant awe. It takes us just a few minutes to reach one of many beaches, we just have to decide which one to choose. This week we picked the following two – and discovered that sunsets are breathtaking in this part…

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Knock, Knock, Trick Or Treat

On a dark, cold night at the end of October there were some strange sightings in the small town of Sooke, B.C. Some people caught a glimpse of a huge furry animal – but not a bear. It seemed to be a crazy laughing cat whose name is Cat … but with a hat?! Others…

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Here And Now

We had something to celebrate this week. For a special occasion demands a special location – we celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the majestic Empress Hotel in Victoria. More precisely: We enjoyed their famous afternoon tea. What a bliss it was – and how delicious! We were served several treats, just as tradition demands:…

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Thanksgiving is the day when Canadians (and Americans in fact, although on a different day) are celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Well, at our first Thanksgiving in Canada, we did the same: We were thankful, we were grateful. How lucky we have been these past twelve months. What a ride it has…

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Unsere Woche war elektrisch – in mehrfacher Hinsicht. Es ging um technische Upgrades, Nervenkitzel inklusive. Aber hey, wir wohnen auf einer entspannten Insel. Wenn es mal zu aufregend sein sollte (dazu gleich mehr), dann geht man eben zum Meer und schaut Robben beim Spielen und der Sonne beim Untergehen zu. Hard not to have a…

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Manchmal müssen wir uns kneifen. Ist es wirklich wahr? Sind wir wirklich hier, in British Columbia? Leben wir tatsächlich auf Vancouver Island, auf dieser Insel mit der atemberaubenden Natur? Dann und wann fühlt es sich an, als seien wir in einer Art Paradies gelandet. Und wir müssen es noch nicht einmal nach zwei bis drei…

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