Knock, Knock, Trick Or Treat

Knock, Knock, Trick Or Treat

31. Oktober 2019 0 Von C2

On a dark, cold night at the end of October there were some strange sightings in the small town of Sooke, B.C. Some people caught a glimpse of a huge furry animal – but not a bear. It seemed to be a crazy laughing cat whose name is Cat … but with a hat?! Others spotted a wizard, all dressed in grey, whose great wisdom shone a light around her. Oddly enough, both walked together on a graveyard and visited a pub that’s said to be haunted by many ghosts …

Gandafine, the Grey …
… and Cat with a Hat.

Gandalfine the Grey and Dr. Seuss‘ Cat with her hat had taken part in a spooky tour of Sooke full of mysteries, ghosts and graveyards. Actually, the funniest part of it all was dressing up. Gandalfine and the Cat wanted to fit in on their first Halloween in Canada. But apparently they were the only tour guests in a costume. Only the guides were also dressed up. Well, the two Germans tried their best – and did an outstanding job.

The wizard and the cat.
Albert Einstein meets crazy cat lady scares kids.
Modern working wizard.

The next day, the wizard and the cat fed dozens of small dragons, robots, ghosts, policewomen, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, firefighters, mummies, vampires, koala bears, foxes and Hulk, who knocked at their door and said „trick or treat“. Cat often asked for a trick.

Only one girl dared to perform one – and did some break dance, to the astonishment of her parents. The others insisted on getting treats, moving their hands quickly to the bowl of treats. One boy was so flabbergasted that he whispered to his friend: „That has never happened to me before!“

Gandalfine and the Cat with the Hat hope you all had a happy, spooky Halloween, too.

„17 Mile Pub“ even spookier on Halloween.
Halloween treat for bears.

P.S.: Wanna hear some jokes from the spooky tour of Sooke? Here you are:

Why didn’t the skeleton cross the street?

It didn’t have the guts.

Why did the skeleton cross the street?

To get to the body shop.

What runs around the graveyard and doesn’t move?

A fence.What do you do when 30 zombies are outside your house?

Hope that it’s Halloween.