Monat: November 2019

Just Can’t Get Enough

Nothing new from us in Sooke this week – everything took its course, everything is fine. It was a sunny, beautiful week on the West Coast for sure! So, we just share some pics of our energizing walks from the past few days. Enjoy!

Von C2 24. November 2019 0

An Ordinary Life

Hello everyday life – it’s nice to have you back! The last few months have been a marathon – organizing an immigration, packing up all our stuff, getting rid of a lot of things, dealing with the moving company, the realtor and the property management in Munich, saying goodbye to friends and family, leaving the…

Von C2 17. November 2019 0

Happy House

How lovely it is to live by the ocean – we still are in constant awe. It takes us just a few minutes to reach one of many beaches, we just have to decide which one to choose. This week we picked the following two – and discovered that sunsets are breathtaking in this part…

Von C2 9. November 2019 0