Happy House

Happy House

9. November 2019 0 Von C2

How lovely it is to live by the ocean – we still are in constant awe. It takes us just a few minutes to reach one of many beaches, we just have to decide which one to choose. This week we picked the following two – and discovered that sunsets are breathtaking in this part of the world during fall:

Sunset on Ella Beach.
A dozen colours, just a few minutes later.
So Canadian: A campfire by the sea.
Before sunset on Whiffin Spit.

But not only the ocean is gorgeous, the rainforest of the Sooke Potholes Regional Park is as well:

Blue skies over green trees in Sooke Potholes Regional Park.

Warming up our house

Besides watching sunsets and beautiful skies, we spent extra time in our kitchen lately to prepare lots of cinnamon rolls, date energy balls, vegan cheesecake, homemade bread and chili sin carne. The reason for that? To properly warm up our house. We invited our direct neighbours, which was nice: So far they had only been waving to each other, but had never set a foot in each other’s houses.

Housewarming preparations, round one.
Housewarming preparations, round two.

One week before we had invited over some new friends and their partners. They all helped us to get where we are now in some way or the other:

  • Without Chris we wouldn’t have landed in Sooke. While still in Germany C2 emailed with Chris in search for a place to live on the island. He worked for a property management company then. Chris moved here from the U.K. a year ago. He was sure that Sooke is the most beautiful place in all of Canada – and the pictures of his daily view of the ocean convinced us that he might be right.
  • Without the help of our realtor Shannon we wouldn’t have gotten our house. Also, we would have missed out on some entertaining drives going house hunting.
  • Without our first Airbnb host Charlotte we wouldn’t have met Shannon. Furthermore, Charlotte lent us some bedding for the first few nights in the yet empty house until the container with our bed arrived.
  • Without our second Airbnb hosts Jimmy, Shannon and Shea we wouldn’t have had a place to stay for the following two months. They also gave us lots of recommendations, where to get paint and so on.
  • Without Andreas and Sabine we wouldn’t have had a ladder to paint our new home and a pot to cook until our kitchenware arrived. Also, they told us a lot about the island even before we moved here via Skype and e-mail.

Now that the house is warmed up and cozy, we are ready for our first Canadian winter 😉