An Ordinary Life

An Ordinary Life

17. November 2019 0 Von C2

Hello everyday life – it’s nice to have you back! The last few months have been a marathon – organizing an immigration, packing up all our stuff, getting rid of a lot of things, dealing with the moving company, the realtor and the property management in Munich, saying goodbye to friends and family, leaving the old life behind, moving to another country, getting used to a totally new environment, looking for a home, finding a home, moving in, painting, filling up the new big space, running lots and lots of errands. And besides all of that we never stopped working.

Fozzy, Bambi and lottery tickets from the dentist

But now our to-do lists are getting shorter, everyday life finally returns – how refreshing.

C1 finds time to go running twice a week in a beautiful park near our house, C2 managed to visit her first Yoga class in Sooke, went to the dentist and to a walk-in clinic. All of that is different from Germany:

• When C1 starts for her jogging round in the morning, she takes one of those along: bear spray, machete, bear bell. After all, in Sooke you always have to be prepared to run into Winnie, Fozzy & Co. Bambis are not a nuisance on that trip. They prefer to ambush us at night, when all of a sudden and just like ghosts they stand in front of our car, look cute and confused before they decide to run or jump away quickly. Three times within two months we had to slam on the brakes. Lucky five of us!

In this park with no name C1 is running away from bears.

• In such a small town like Sooke C2 could choose between 4 different Yoga options. I guess that must be the spirit of the Westcoast. Of course, it is also nice to practice downward-facing dog and pigeon in a room full of incense, wood and indigenous art.

• The visit at the dentist was more like meeting old friends. Both the teeth cleaning assistant and the doctor are lovely ladies who liked to chat about Thailand, living in Manitoba and German-Ukrainian food. The dentist introduced herself with the words „Hi, I am Tera“, not „I am Dr. XYZ“. C2 had never left a doctor’s office happier and in such high spirits. The story doesn’t end here: a few days later C2 received a „thank you letter“ from the dentist, containing a lottery ticket. Guess what!? She won 4 dollars!

A letter from the dentist.

• The C-team also went to their first walk-in clinic. Those are very common here. You have to go there, if you are ill and don’t have a family doctor (which is a common problem since many don’t take on new patients). But you always have the option to go to one of several walk-in clinics. You can check the estimated waiting time online, then go there, check in, leave, and come back later to see the doctor. In our case later was equal to 3.5 hours. Not too bad. C2 suffered from a swollen eye. Since the clinic in Sooke is closed on Sundays, we drove all the way to Victoria. Walk-in clinics often seem to be close to a shopping plaza and to a pharmacy of course. How convenient for shortening the waiting time. So we drank coffee, replied to emails, wrote this blog post, ate vegan burritos, bought some treats for Christmas and returned to the walk-in clinic.

The very friendly doctor came in, saw C2s eye and immediately delivered the diagnosis. It turned out that C2 has an eyelid infection, nothing serious. With a prescription we walked to the next pharmacy. One problem, which quickly turned out to be none: Since the prescribed ointment wasn’t available, the pharmacist said „Hold on, the doctor needs to change this“ and called the walk-in clinic. How pragmatic, instead of ordering the right medicine, you just change it. That’s customer service. Problem solved.

Walk-in clinic at a shopping plaza.
Walk-in patients produce many files, it seems.

The best movie in years in a cozy cinema

Oh, and by the way: We also managed to go to the movies three times – and even found our new favourite cinema. At the „Odeon“ in Victoria you not only dive into a huge seat, which can tilt backwards, you also push a button to lift your feet. How comfortable is that! It’s a wonder we didn’t fall asleep.

That for sure was due to the movie we watched there – in C2s humble opinion the best one she has seen in years by far. „Parasite“ is a fabulous piece of art – it’s hilarious, tragic, poetic, sad, fierce and morbid. And on top of all that it is crafted so well and astonishes you with incredible pictures. Do not watch trailers, do not read too much about the story, just go to the cinema – and be surprised.

Our favourite movie theatre on the island.
They could improve the presentation of the movies, though (to be fair: the other movies had posters that fit the frames).