All Sparks

All Sparks

1. Dezember 2019 0 Von C2

Time flies, indeed! 6 months ago we arrived with a ferry on the island. We have experienced, seen, learned so much during that time – and have written about that on this blog.

One thing that never ceases to amaze us: The generosity of (more or less) strangers. People in Canada are very, very friendly and helpful, for sure. But there’s more than that. There are so many examples of a spirit we truly admire: helping others in need, without any conditions – because that’s just what you do.

We saw people walking around with huge boxes of pizza in downtown Victoria, offering slices to homeless people. More than once people bought a coffee for someone who couldn’t afford a cup.

The spirit of Christmas all year long

Sooke seems to be an exceptional community when it comes to volunteering and being generous. Before we moved here, we had no clue that the spirit of Christmas seems to stick around all year long in Sooke!

We heard a heart-warming story about our dentist Dr. Tera. A resident of Sooke takes care of her five siblings all on her own. When they needed expensive dental treatments, and she couldn’t afford them, she was rather desperate. One day she told her hairdresser about the situation. Incidentally, the office manager of Otter Point Dental was sitting in the chair next to her and overheard the conversation. She decided to help and told her employers about the family in need. Dr. Tera and the others contacted the family with good news: the treatment of the orthodontics and other dental work would be provided at no cost. They are now donating about $35,000 of dental work to help the family.

When C2 was in the dentist’s office the other day, she told Dr. Tera that this kind of help was amazing. The dentist replied with: „Most of us are so lucky. So, it’s the least we can do: help others in need.“

Also, check out these amazing and wonderful things that happened here:

Yes, we have said it many times before, but we will say it many times again: We are really thankful and lucky that we can live and are welcome here. And we try our best to embrace the spirit of generosity – and give something back to this great community.

When a Sooke resident asked for help in a Facebook group, we did, among many others. She was so sick she couldn’t go to the supermarket. We were not the only ones to bring her something to eat and to drink. Hopefully we can do much, much more in the future.

P.S.: In addition, nature has lots of unconditional offers here as well. We try to get out and explore as much as possible. This week we took the loop trail around this beautiful lake, which is basically just around the corner from us:

Matheson Lake.
There’s a loop trail around the lake …
… with views like this.
Beauty and peace at the lake.