Sweetest Perfection

Sweetest Perfection

8. Dezember 2019 0 Von C2

Our house is not what it used to be. Suddenly the rooms are filled with strange noises, action and cuteness. We’ve got a new roommate, a very fluffy one: May we introduce to you – the one and only Pusby.


Pusby is a 15-weeks-old kitten. A non-profit charity named Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue rescued her along with two siblings and their mother from a shelter, probably inside the U.S. Their future down there was doomed. It’s that shelter’s standard procedure to euthanize animals after a certain time, if no one adopted them. So Cat’s Cradle stepped in.

Until we found out about Pusby, her mom, brother and sister all had been adopted already. She was the only one left looking for a forever home. When we visited her at her foster parents‘ house it didn’t take us long to know what to do. We took the sweet little girl back home with us to Sooke right away.

Pusby already helps C1 with her work stuff.

Pusby is the cutest, most playful, most curious and funniest little kitten , for sure! She will soon get a playmate, since we are not allowed to let her outside. Cat’s Cradle insists on this for a good reason: There are lots of hungry cougars and bears out here in the wild west. Oh, and in case you were wondering about the kitten’s name: C1 made it up because Pusby has white feet – and looks just like Puss in Boots („Der gestiefelte Kater“).

Pusby is always up to fetching mice …
… and sharpening her tools and skills.

Three concerts in one week

Even apart from all the excitement with our new tiny friend, we had a unique week: We went to see three concerts in just eight days – all in Sooke, all very different, and all magnificent in their own way.

First, we experienced the fabulous Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir and four soloists with „Christmas in Bohemia“. It was an evening with amazing music and musicians – we would never have expected a classical orchestra like this in our small town. Among other pieces by Vivaldi and Brixi they played Jakub Jan Rybas Czech Christmas Mass for the first time in Western Canada. This also was a gift for a Sooke resident, who moved here from the Czech Republic several years ago, and who is the great-great-grandson of Ryba. It was touching to see him in tears when he introduced the piece. He was so grateful to listen to the music in such a setting.

Sooke Philharmonic Orechestra and Choir plus soloists.

Next, we went to „This Shining Night“ with the Sooke Community Choir – a totally different experience, since it was no classical music. We thought we would hear lots of the usual Christmas songs, since it is this time of the year. But to our surprise, they presented several quite thoughtful and beautiful songs (and poems) about winter and winter solstice, accompanied by professional musicians on cello, piano and soprano sax.

Sooke Community Choir.

Today, we visited the Dobres‘ family home again: If you have read this blog thoroughly, then you already know them. Their son, Adam Dobres, is a gifted guitar player. Regularly, he invites musician friends over to his parents‘ house – for an intimate house concert in their living room. The first time was a special experience, the second time was as well. Adam played two sets together with Pierre Schryer, one of Canada’s leading traditional fiddlers.

Pierre Schryer and Adam Dobres.

They just released an album with traditional and contemporary songs in various styles: „Mandorla“ already earned two nominations for the Canadian Folk Music Awards. It was stunning to see those two playing off each other, especially in such a small, private venue and for an audience of just 30 guests. Oh, and of course the all-vegetarian / vegan buffet Adam’s lovely parents made was delicious, just like last time.

Nevertheless, we were happy to return home after all that bliss – since sweet little Pusby was already waiting for us. She’s quite a ball of energy, who wants to play, eat, play some more, explore some more, eat some more and repeat that all day long. It’s a small, fun world to her.