Christmas Island

Christmas Island

15. Dezember 2019 0 Von C2

‚Tis the season to be jolly … the first one we experience in Canada. And how colourful, shining and sparkling it is! Almost everywhere we look, there are gleaming, glittering houses, gardens and trees – even one of the most beautiful Christmas trees stands right here in Sooke, at least in our opinion.

On Whiffin Spit, an exposed spit of land in the ocean just before Sooke, you will find a lone Sitka Spruce. It is decorated with all kind of things, as you can see on the picture. For at least 25 years some elves seem to adorn the tree for the holiday season (and un-decorate it afterwards). What a wonderful idea, and quite sustainable as well.

Christmas Tree at Whiffin Spit.
All kinds of decorations.
For there are many wild animals around, the elves came up with two rules.

The X-Mas tree next to the ocean is not the only Christmas tradition here that’s different from those in Germany. We already saluted a Santa Parade and a Santa Run in Sooke, both annual events – and both enlightening.

The dazzling Santa Parade

The Santa Parade is … well, a parade. Local shops and companies, sports clubs, societies or individuals participate – by foot or in cars, trucks, motorcycles, wheelchairs, concrete mixers and any other kind of creatively decorated vehicles. There are many sparkling lights involved, and it was fun to watch. Just one thing felt a little odd: wishing each other „Merry Christmas“ on December 1st already.

Santa as Fire Chief

Two weeks later it was time for Santa Run. That’s when the firefighters of Sooke roll around town with four of their huge fire engines. They put lots of lights, garlands and a Santa Claus on each truck, turn on the sirens as well as Christmas music. Why? To fill the local food bank and help the less fortunate in town. Along the streets they collected a ton of food and money donations from residents and also gave away some candy canes to the givers. What an amazing spirit!

Christmas‘ spirit in the front gardens

After Halloween lots of houses undergo another transformation during Christmas season. Suddenly lots of lights, garlands, animals, big candy canes and Santa Clauses pop up. Especially C2 feels happy like a small child when discovering new funny, beautiful and sometimes kitschy decorations. Have a peep …