We Are Family

We Are Family

12. Januar 2020 1 Von C2

Not only do we have a little „Puss in Boots“ in our house – now we share it with a little whale rider as well: Paikea! She is a black and white tuxedo cat. That’s why she was originally named Orca. The very cute Pai is another rescue kitten. Someone found her in the woods outside of Victoria – nearly starved to death, weighing less than a pound and infected with all kinds of parasites. But when her lovely foster parents took her in she thrived. Now the 10-month-old kitten completes our little C&P family (C1 & C2 as well as P1 & P2).

Our little Orca aka Pai.
Pusby has not yet met her new companion.

Unfortunately, Paikea still has to deal with a problem: last year she caught a disease that is called „ringworm“, a very contagious, but non life-threatening fungus. That’s why the poor kitten has to live in the bathroom for one more week, continue taking medicine and withstand smelly sulfur baths twice a week. We are looking forward to the moment when we introduce her to Pusby and they can both roam freely again. Hopefully they’ll sort out quickly who will be boss and hopefully Pusby won’t catch the ringworm, too.

Pusby (and C2).

Beautiful West Coast

Besides adopting Paikea and playing and cuddling with her and Pusby we managed to further explore our beautiful surroundings on the West Coast. All the following pictures are taken in the immediate surroundings of Sooke. Have a look:

We started one hike at our house and landed here: viewpoint on Broom Hill down to the Sooke basin.
View from Broom Hill to the Sooke Basin and the Olympic Mountains in the back.
Quite adventurous hike …
Pathfinder C2.
Are there any trolls hiding here, or just bears and cougars?
… up on Broom Hill.
C1 is approaching a creature of the forest.
We even found some snow up there – and flowers.
Snow, trees and the ocean.

Two waterfalls at Sandcut Beach.
Nice clouds at Sandcut Beach (and C1).

Otter Point Park on a stormy day.
Otter Point Park in stormy weather.