Life’s What You Make It

Life’s What You Make It

22. Februar 2020 0 Von C2

Six weeks have passed since our last post, and many things have happened. In case you are wondering what that might be – here’s an update on (nearly) everything C1, C2, Pusby and Pai experienced.

Fun with cats

Our furry companions Pusby and Pai finally got to know each other, since Pai fully recovered. They seem to have a lot of fun eating next to each other, chasing each other through the house, cleaning each other, asking for more food in between and performing some cool moves during their many cat fights.

Pai and Pusby.

Little Pai has her human friends under control. She developed an extremely cute gesture to show us when she is hungry (that’s almost all the time). Because it’s so sweet, we find it very hard to ignore and resist her demands. See for yourself:

Finally: driving an EV

We had to wait for six months, but finally our EV has arrived: the Nissan Leaf. It’s a pretty nice car. And yes, we are saying that even though we didn’t want to have a car again – but needed one here on this big island. We do enjoy driving it – especially since it moves so quietly and doesn’t emit any carbon dioxide.

Oh and what a joy it is getting into busy main roads: this car accelerates faster than Pai und Pusby when they hear us opening doors in the kitchen. Luckily, we are also able to charge the car at home. Thanks to the online account with the electricity company we are always up to date of how much electricity we have been using, even during a specific time of a day. Furthermore, we know how the amount translated into money. That’s why we now also know what it costs us to charge the Leaf from 25 % to 100 %: only about 4 CAD.

Twelve months ago we would never have imagined that: an EV in front of a house in Canada, both ours.

A very Canadian experience: first hockey game

Hooking, minor and major penalties, icing, temperature of the puck, safety-zone, shootout: We had many things to learn during our first ever attended hockey game. The two WHL-teams were the Victoria Royals and the Calgary Hitmen. Fortunately, an older man and huge hockey fan (he has an annual pass and made lots of notes during the game) in the seat next to us was so kind to talk us through the game and intermissions. We just tried to blend in and were amazed … by the fast-paced game, the many changes of players on the ice, the physical contact they had, the many advertisements, the kiss cams and games on the ice during the breaks. Great adventure into a new world – also thanks to our patient neighbor!

Our first-ever hockey game!

Snow in Sooke

Many people in Germany ask about the amount of snow we have in Sooke and they assume it’s a lot. Yes, we’ve experienced snow in our first Canadian winter, but in amounts we can handle well. Winter Wonderland Sooke, that’s been four days of trying to be outside before the neighbors, grabbing a shovel and clearing sidewalk, parking lot and parts of the street. Actually it’s been fun to do so, especially on the day when it had snowed so much that almost everybody stayed home from work and shoveled along with us.

Winter Wonderland in our strata.
Yes, we shoveled this path.

Trip to Europe

C2 took a trip to Germany to visit her parents near Frankfurt. She had planned to see many old friends in Munich, too. But alas, life happens while you make other plans, so the trip to Munich had to be cancelled. Instead, C2 spent a lot of time in hospitals and together with her sister and niece tried to figure out how to make everyday-life easier for her parents. At least she spent a lot of time with her dear niece and managed to meet her oldest friends in her hometown as well as her best friend in Zurich – along with her dear cats Biba and Scully, who now life in Switzerland. It was a very emotional reunion, indeed.

Biba …
… and Scully.

Lots of amazing views

Apart from all these events, we managed to go on some hikes and walks. Here are a few impressions – have we mentioned how thankful we are to be here?

Walking together again.
Sunset above Whiffin Spit, Sooke.
Clouds hanging out at Whiffin Spit, Sooke.
View of Whiffin Spit, Sooke.
Whiffin Spit, Sooke.
Pike Point, East Sooke.
Marine boardwalk, Sooke.
View from the road, Sooke.
Ella Beach, Sooke.