In The Cold, Cold Night

In The Cold, Cold Night

1. März 2020 1 Von C2

A poor kitten, lovely music in a living room, walking for a good cause and hiking for fun – that pretty much sums up our last week.

A poor kitten in a cute onesie

Little Pusby is now six months old. Time to be spayed. Therefore, we took her to the vet this week. When picking her up she was a different cat. Obviously she lost some parts of her body and had to endure anesthesia. On the other hand she gained something: a red onesie, which she needs to wear for ten full days. Definitely not a win for the little one. But in order to prevent herself and Pai from licking the fresh wound, we had to decide for her: onesie, or a cone over her had. Since our cats back in Germany hated wearing a cone, we agreed on the red bodysuit.

At least now it’s easy to tell the cats apart.
Little Pusby in her onesie.

How cute the poor cat looks wearing this thing. Of course, we are the only ones here who think so. Pusby is quite confused and tries to groom it like she does her fur. Also, she walks backwards sometimes and shakes her legs, apparently to get rid of the strange thing. Besides that, Pusby hasn’t recovered yet and is not her old self – which means she is even more affectionate and much more quiet. She wants to sit on a lap most of the time. No more jumping, playing and chasing around at the moment. But now Pai breaks free from being shy and cautious, she flourishes. She has a ball playing on her own and rests on places she didn’t dare to go to before. Interesting times for sure.

Poor kitten needs a lot of cuddling right now.

Walking for a good cause

The „Coldest Night Of The Year“ is an annual nationwide fundraiser that collects money for organizations that serve the hungry, homeless, and hurting in over 100 communities across Canada. For the first time, the event also took place in Sooke. Participants had to choose one of three routes: 2, 5 or 10 kilometres around town. Also, they could either pay $25 each to take part, or they could search for other people to sponsor their hike, raising a couple hundred dollars that way. A community dinner followed, even with a vegan dish.

We walked with the team of the Juan de Fuca Trails Society, a hiking group of Sooke. As you can see in the background, we arrived just in time to be in the group picture.

More than 100 walkers were there, plus 50 volunteers who helped to organize the „Coldest Night“. At each corner or turn a volunteer pointed in the right direction. There were three pit stops with hot chocolate and treats (Canadians seem to love that sweet, warm drink – it’s the most common beverage you get at public events). It was a fun event for a good cause, and a successful one: The „Coldest Night“ in our home town raised $16,870 for the Sooke Shelter Society.

C1 will probably always be spotted as a non-Canadian. She can’t get over Canadians and their definition of warm and cold. While C1 still needs hat, gloves and scarf, some Canadians are often fine with t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops. We had a nice chat with this young lady, who doesn’t even own a jacket.
5k, we finished successfully!

Another marvellous house concert

It’s already like visiting friends and listening to lovely music: We went to our third house concert at the Dobres‘ house. If you have followed this blog, you read about the fantastic guitar player Adam Dobres, who invites other musicians to his parents‘ living room and gives a concert.

Last week, he brought along his aunt Connie Gitlin, a renowned clarinetist. They most of all played Klezmer and some Celtic songs, sometimes accompanied by Connie’s husband, a horn player.

C2 especially was very happy to listen to her favourite song by Adam, the beautiful and incredibly sad „Freda’s journey“: The song is about Adam’s great-grandmother Freda, who escaped a pogrom in Russia as a young girl and moved to Canada all on her own. We already had heard that amazing song: at the last house concert interpreted by Adam and violin player Pierre.

Connie’s husband, Connie and Adam in the living room of the Dobres‘ family.

What a marvellous way to spend a stormy and cold afternoon. These house concerts are so cozy and up-lifting – and therefore a special treat. Above all, Adam’s mum again prepared several delicious edible treats (most of them vegan, just one vegetarian dish!) – so delicious that we already put three new recipes to our collection.

Beautiful beaches

For sure we must have mentioned that the beaches around Sooke are beautiful. This week we explored Sandcut beach for the second time. And it looked quite different. It’s quite fascinating how the mood and the sight of the beaches change depending on tide, light and weather. Even the more reason to visit again and again.

Huge tree trunk at Sandcut Beach.
More tree trunks and C2.
We loved the mood at the beach.
Wood and stones.
Kind creatures of the forest …
… Who knows, who’s living here?