Enjoy The Silence

Enjoy The Silence

26. April 2020 0 Von C1

You haven’t heard from us in a while. First of all: luckily we are safe & sound, not bored, not tired of each other, still working, still able to spend some time in nature nearby (without running into bears, cougars, or other humans) and kind of enjoying the silence – we adapted to the new normal pretty well. Secondly, exceptional times call for exceptional measures. This entry is by C1 and hence there’s more to see than to read. 

The new, uninvited C

Since that C19 arrived in BC and on our island, some things have changed. For us two (/ four) here in Sooke not so much though. Like so many around us, we now have a heart hanging in one of our windows, hair cutting scissors in our bathroom drawers, we trade doing our supply runs every seven to ten days (so far no zombie encounter), we took the face masks out of our earthquake survival kits and into our purses and because we like honking our car horn, we go on birthday drive-bys.

So far 2020 is quite interesting, full of surprises and surreal at times. Have a look at some of the sights in Sooke and Victoria we’ll remember about this year for sure. Just click on any picture and the gallery will enlarge.

A Ghost Town Named Victoria

Closed Stores

Empty streets


Hold The Line Sooke

Messages Of Solidarity

Strange Signs

Drive-by Birthdays

Pandemic sparks ingenuity … For social distancing and old fashioned birthday parties don’t go together, drive-by birthday parades are the new thing. And they are not only fun for the birthday people, but also for the well-wishers. Watch this:

The sign reeds: „It’s my birthday. Honk, and I’ll drink.“
Honking to a Happy 100th Birthday