Dream On

Dream On

31. Mai 2020 0 Von C2

365 days, or 525.600 minutes (… and you can do the math for the seconds): That’s how long we have been living in Canada now. Exactly one year ago we arrived at the Vancouver International Airport, with three backpacks, one carry-on suitcase and our documents to become Permanent Residents.

Three backpacks, one carry-on suitcase.
Here we are!

We knew we wanted to live on Vancouver Island, but apart from that, there was much more we did not know. And sometimes it is better not to have it all planned out beforehand. It kind of protects you from disappointments. In addition, it definitely makes you more flexible and less afraid of the future. Because as it turned out, that step we took was pretty big. Luckily, everything turned out very well for us.


Some people have asked us if we ever regretted leaving Germany. The answer for both of us is no. Not once. We are so grateful to be here, every day. It’s a gift to be living by the ocean as well as near the forest. What a treat to explore the wildlife that surrounds us. Also, it’s a great experience to live in a community that values kindness and volunteering so much. Of course we nevertheless miss friends and family.

During the last few days we have been thinking about the past year quite a bit. In retrospect, it’s surprising to us, how we’ve managed to find time to visit so many gorgeous places apart from working, getting settled into a foreign country, finding out how things are done here, deciding in which area we would like to live, finding a permanent place to stay, working, convincing a bank to lend two self-employed newcomer money for a house, moving into that house, working, making that house our home and so on.

17,000 pictures in 365 days

But here we are – sitting on the deck of our house with our two cats Pusby and Pai (who prefer sniffing around to smiling into a black metal box – here’s a more accurate picture of them):

Pai and Pusby, also exploring.

For our one-year celebration, we rummaged through the more than 17,000 pictures we took during these past 12 months. So come along with us and have a look at some beautiful spots of Vancouver Island again – and our happy faces while exploring.  

Ella Beach, Sooke
Canada Day, Victoria
Ella Beach, Sooke
Sandcut Beach, Jordan River Regional Park.
Otter Point (yes, it was windy).
Thetis Lake.
Royal Theatre, Victoria.