My Secret Garden

My Secret Garden

5. August 2020 2 Von C2

Do you fancy a zucchini, or more? How about 100? Several of our neighbours and friends have heard that question recently. That’s not surprising, since we started a zucchini production on a grand scale. We didn’t plan that way, but it turned out that way. Worse things can happen.

In spring, when C2 planted the seeds into little cups in her room she thought: „better safe than sorry“. Who knows, if this will work out at all. It sure did. Green stuff drilled itself through the soil and towards the light. A little while later C2 transferred six zucchini plants to the garden bed. Well, and now we have many zucchini – times six.

One of six zucchini plants.
Harvest of one day.

That is quite awesome, since we love them! We already had zucchini ships, zucchini pancakes, zucchini with potatoes, zucchini with quinoa and other vegetables, zucchini stew, zucchini soup, zucchini …

Green tomatoes …
… are turning red.

But there’s not only zucchini. We also have lots of tomatoes and carrots as well as basil, thyme, parsley and rosemary. And some blueberries. Soon there will be beans, cucumbers, and pumpkins of different kinds. By the way, C2 not only underestimated the reproduction behavior of zucchini plants but also that of pumpkins. Spoiler alert: seems like we might be able to offer friends and neighbours pumpkins next.

Green everywhere.
First sight of spaghetti squash.
Pumpkin invasion – where should we go?

Apparently, the soil and the weather on the island are great for gardening. Thankfully, snails and other animals haven’t heard about our new garden yet.

Watering is difficult when plants get so snugly.
Pumpkin in sight.

Blueberries from our garden.

Gardening leads to duties. Therefore, we both changed our habits. C2 goes to the garden every morning to water all the plants and to harvest their jewels. Yes, zucchiniiiiiii, carrots, tomatoes that’s right. C1 is responsible for most of the flowers in the garden – she supervises them, chats with them, cuts them and plants new ones. In fact, we both love this. How could we ever live without a garden?

Planting new flowers …
… and grooming them.

Oh, and if we need some more fruits for breakfast, we just take a short walk to the backside of our house. There are lots of blackberry bushes around. Actually they make a great buffet – because we are in Sooke not only for the black bears, but also for us.

Picking blackberries and watching out for bears.
Apparently, they are tasting good.