Down By The Water

Down By The Water

3. September 2020 1 Von C2

On an island the ocean of course is never far away. That’s even more true, if you are living near the coast – as we have been doing for a year now. Yes, this week we had our first „Sooke Anniversary“: one year ago we moved into our house on the West Coast.

During the past twelve months we explored our beautiful surroundings mainly on dry land. In the past few weeks this changed a bit. We’ve had several opportunities to see what the area looks like from the water. It might not come to you as a surprise, but the water perspective really rocks, too.

Ollie the Sea Otter at Race Rocks

Race Rocks is a 220 ha marine geological resort near East Sooke. On the small main island you will find one of the oldest and now deserted lighthouses in the region. But just a few meters away there’s lots of life on the rocks beneath it: you will see stellar sea lions, seals, many birds … and Ollie, the sea otter. Ollie is quite famous here, since he lives on his own among all the other animals. Sea otters are usually shy, but not him. Probably he knows how cute he is.

Ollie the sea otter
Stellar sea lions
The lighthouse at Race Rocks.
Clouds above the Juan the Fuca Strait.
Sunset on a boat. Not bad, eh?
And a bonus in the end: seals in the harbour.

Grey Whales and humpbacks

One of the most amazing experiences we’ve ever had was while being on a small boat and majestic whales emerged around us. We were lucky to observe some stunningly beautiful gray whales and humpbacks on an eco-friendly whale watching trip in Port Renfrew.

Gray Whales.
Humpback, diving.

Seals near the shore

Sometimes you are lucky and can see seals while strolling on the beach … like this little one, sunbathing on a rock in the water.

Sunbathing seal at Muir Creek Beach.

Exploring the coast by kayak

When our friend Andreas offered to take us on a kayak trip with him, we only hesitated for a little bit long. After all, that bad experience with canoeing on the Isar in Munich (including being stuck under a few boats) was still on our minds.

This time, there was no river with erratic and dangerous currents, it was just the Pacific – well, the very outer edge of it. We paddled peacefully through an inlet, the water was calm, we looked for starfish on the rocks. Thanks to this lovely experience we were able to partly overwrite the horrible Isar trip. We are now up for more water adventures in the future, for sure!

From the inlet to the ocean.
Kayaking in calm water is much nicer.

Harvest Moon by a lake

Apart from the ocean Vancouver Island has more water to offer: There are many smaller and bigger lakes around, for example in a beautiful nature sanctuary. We took part in one of their guided full moon walks and observed beavers, bats, bullfrogs and herons at dusk.

And there, on the shore of the lake, we sat down – and watched the magnificent „Harvest Moon“ rising.

We are looking forward to more adventures – on dry land as well as on or at the water!

Harvest Moon at Mary Lake Sanctuary.