15. September 2020 2 Von C2

When everybody seems to be enthusiastic about a place we both tend to be rather skeptical – at least it helps to avoid being disappointed in the end. What would Tofino actually be like? Would the famous seaside town on Vancouver Island be a good spot for our first and desperately needed holiday after 1,5 years? Well, we had to find out for ourselves and thus travelled there.

In love with the beauty

It didn’t take long, and we fell in love with the natural beauty of the area including Ucluelet and the Clayoquot Sound. We went hiking on paths with breathtaking views of cliffs and the Pacific, through the rare and enchanting coastal rainforest and on endless sandy beaches.

Breathtaking sunset no. 1
Breathtaking sunset no. 2
Breathtaking sunset no. 3.

On top of the list of „gorgeous places“

On top of our „gorgeous places of the area“-list clearly is Clayoquot Sound. We visited this ravishing and vast territory of inlets and islands twice: One time on a boat, one time we explored it with a small group on a guided remote kayak trip. It’s hard to describe the atmosphere: You are slowly exploring the water and shores in this area where you meet no other humans, you see only an endless number of trees, mountains, water – and bears. We were so lucky to observe a bear on shore, looking for food, while the 7 of us were quietly sitting in our boats. What a bliss!

Yes, that’s a black bear, feeding on a beach.
Another bear, another beach.
Clayoquot Sound allured us into the here & now.
Double Kayaking – without flipping.
Trees on rocks.
Islands, forests, mountains, water.
Shades of grey and blue.
Clayoquot Sound, once again.
Endless trees, no humans.

The most terrific hike: Wild Pacific Trail

„A walk on the Wild Pacific Trail will weave itself into your soul“: We can’t add anything to the description of this terrific hike in Ucluelet. A 9 km network of trails leads you along the dramatic coastline with of the cliffs, ocean and rainforest.

What a view.
Inside the coastal rainforest.
Dramatic beauty indeed.
Lighthouse at the end of the world.
Trees, rocks, ocean.
Drama, part 2.

Another beautiful hike (of many) was the „Big Tree Trail“ on Meares Island – with gigantic trees, some of which are 2,000 years old. Thankfully, protests from First Nations prevented the logging of this incredibly old forest.

„The Tree of Life“ on Meares Island with tiny C2.
The „Hanging Garden“ is 2,000 years old.

Laid back atmosphere – and those beaches!

We also enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere of the two towns Tofino and Ucluelet – most of all when it got quiet after the long weekend. These different sandy beaches with all the surfers, the small local shops and the (indigenous) art!

The stores and companies did their best to keep people and themselves safe and healthy, with mandatory masks and physical-distancing-rules in place. We prepared most of our dishes at our Airbnb, but also loved the amazing vegan food from famous Tacofino, Bravocados, the local bakery and the chocolate/gelato shop (C2 especially loved the latter place, since they played 5 (!) Depeche Mode songs in a row).

Half-Moon Bay.
Chesterman Beach.
Tonquin Beach.
Totem Pole.
Weeping Cedar Woman.
Open air sanitation station – what a great idea!
That’s the Tofino spirit!
Greetings from skaters: shoe flinging.

We are so thankful to have one of the most beautiful places we both have ever seen just „around the corner“ (in Canadian dimensions) – only 4.5 hours away by car. Oh, and the first longer trip in our EV went well, too: There are enough (fast) charging stations along the way, you just have to adapt to a 90-minute-break while on the road. But our bladders and legs are thankful for those stops as well.

By the way: Our cats didn’t seem to have missed us at all: They were fed and cuddled by two lovely ladies who lived in our home while we were away. Monika and Jean-Ann even surprised us with a freshly cooked, delicious and vegan Lebanese lentil-rice-dish when we returned home.

Sadly, we now have to deal with heavy smoke from the wildfires in the US (like the rest of the island and B.C. have to), and Covid is still around … but we are looking forward to visiting Tofino again, hopefully next time during storm watching season. We’ve heard so many incredible things about it. Apparently, we need to check that out by ourselves as well. 🙂