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Dream On

365 days, or 525.600 minutes (… and you can do the math for the seconds): That’s how long we have been living in Canada now. Exactly one year ago we arrived at the Vancouver International Airport, with three backpacks, one carry-on suitcase and our documents to become Permanent Residents. We knew we wanted to live…

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In The Cold, Cold Night

A poor kitten, lovely music in a living room, walking for a good cause and hiking for fun – that pretty much sums up our last week. A poor kitten in a cute onesie Little Pusby is now six months old. Time to be spayed. Therefore, we took her to the vet this week. When…

Von C2 1. März 2020 1

Life’s What You Make It

Six weeks have passed since our last post, and many things have happened. In case you are wondering what that might be – here’s an update on (nearly) everything C1, C2, Pusby and Pai experienced. Fun with cats Our furry companions Pusby and Pai finally got to know each other, since Pai fully recovered. They…

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We Are Family

Not only do we have a little „Puss in Boots“ in our house – now we share it with a little whale rider as well: Paikea! She is a black and white tuxedo cat. That’s why she was originally named Orca. The very cute Pai is another rescue kitten. Someone found her in the woods…

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Happy Holidays – and a Happy New Year (even a new decade) to all of you, hopefully filled with peace, love and adventures! Or as Neil Gaiman put it: “I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you’ll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you’ll make something that didn’t exist before you made it, that…

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Christmas Island

‚Tis the season to be jolly … the first one we experience in Canada. And how colourful, shining and sparkling it is! Almost everywhere we look, there are gleaming, glittering houses, gardens and trees – even one of the most beautiful Christmas trees stands right here in Sooke, at least in our opinion. On Whiffin…

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Sweetest Perfection

Our house is not what it used to be. Suddenly the rooms are filled with strange noises, action and cuteness. We’ve got a new roommate, a very fluffy one: May we introduce to you – the one and only Pusby. Pusby is a 15-weeks-old kitten. A non-profit charity named Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue rescued her…

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All Sparks

Time flies, indeed! 6 months ago we arrived with a ferry on the island. We have experienced, seen, learned so much during that time – and have written about that on this blog. One thing that never ceases to amaze us: The generosity of (more or less) strangers. People in Canada are very, very friendly…

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Just Can’t Get Enough

Nothing new from us in Sooke this week – everything took its course, everything is fine. It was a sunny, beautiful week on the West Coast for sure! So, we just share some pics of our energizing walks from the past few days. Enjoy!

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An Ordinary Life

Hello everyday life – it’s nice to have you back! The last few months have been a marathon – organizing an immigration, packing up all our stuff, getting rid of a lot of things, dealing with the moving company, the realtor and the property management in Munich, saying goodbye to friends and family, leaving the…

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