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All Sparks

Time flies, indeed! 6 months ago we arrived with a ferry on the island. We have experienced, seen, learned so much during that time – and have written about that on this blog. One thing that never ceases to amaze us: The generosity of (more or less) strangers. People in Canada are very, very friendly…

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Just Can’t Get Enough

Nothing new from us in Sooke this week – everything took its course, everything is fine. It was a sunny, beautiful week on the West Coast for sure! So, we just share some pics of our energizing walks from the past few days. Enjoy!

Von C2 24. November 2019 0

An Ordinary Life

Hello everyday life – it’s nice to have you back! The last few months have been a marathon – organizing an immigration, packing up all our stuff, getting rid of a lot of things, dealing with the moving company, the realtor and the property management in Munich, saying goodbye to friends and family, leaving the…

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Goodbye & See You

Goodbye, Deutschland: Zwei Jahre, nachdem wir unsere Bewerbung abgeschickt haben, steigen wir gleich in den Flieger nach Vancouver – mit One-Way-Ticket. Noch sind wir ganz gelassen, aber auch ein bisschen traurig … und sehr gespannt, was uns erwartet. Das Kamerateam von „Goodbye Deutschland“, das uns gern begleitet hätte (wirklich!), haben wir jedenfalls nicht vermisst. Um…

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