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When everybody seems to be enthusiastic about a place we both tend to be rather skeptical – at least it helps to avoid being disappointed in the end. What would Tofino actually be like? Would the famous seaside town on Vancouver Island be a good spot for our first and desperately needed holiday after 1,5…

Von C2 15. September 2020 2

Down By The Water

On an island the ocean of course is never far away. That’s even more true, if you are living near the coast – as we have been doing for a year now. Yes, this week we had our first „Sooke Anniversary“: one year ago we moved into our house on the West Coast. During the…

Von C2 3. September 2020 1

My Secret Garden

Do you fancy a zucchini, or more? How about 100? Several of our neighbours and friends have heard that question recently. That’s not surprising, since we started a zucchini production on a grand scale. We didn’t plan that way, but it turned out that way. Worse things can happen. In spring, when C2 planted the…

Von C2 5. August 2020 2

Whales Tales

What a mind-blowing experience: We saw our first whales! No planning was needed: We just walked on a beach, and suddenly they appeared. So we observed two humpback whales from shore for more than an hour, a mother and her calf. This day had some more spectacular sightings to offer: Botanical Beach with its unique…

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Thanksgiving is the day when Canadians (and Americans in fact, although on a different day) are celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Well, at our first Thanksgiving in Canada, we did the same: We were thankful, we were grateful. How lucky we have been these past twelve months. What a ride it has…

Von C2 19. Oktober 2019 0

Welcome To My World

Heute gibt es wenig zu sagen und wenig zu lesen, dafür aber viel zu schauen. Schaut mal, wie schön es hier bei uns auf der Insel ist. Ach ja: Ganz unten erwartet Euch die herzerwärmende Story vom Baby-Seeotter, der lieber ein Landotter wäre.

Von C2 18. August 2019 0

The Landscape Is Changing

520.000 Hektar Wald, 3.400 Kilometer Küstenlinie, mehr als 100 Seen: Das ist Vancouver Island. Die Insel ist mit einer Länge von 450 Kilometern und einer Breite von 100 Kilometern ungefähr so groß wie Nordrhein-Westfalen – hat aber nur so viele Einwohner*innen wie Frankfurt am Main. In den sechs Wochen hier hatten wir noch nicht viel…

Von C2 13. Juli 2019 3