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I (C1) really fancied that perfect day last weekend – full of good surprises, written, spoken and sung messages, chocolate , the best pizza ever, time out in nature and at our cozy home together with my most favorite beings and a good board game. Already signed up for a sequel in 2021.

Von C1 29. November 2020 0

I Feel Loved

We had something very special to celebrate yesterday and spent a fabulous day in Sidney by the Sea – even with yummy vegan scones. But before that, I was gifted with a unique and beautiful picture: „Pusby and the Crows“. Thanks so much, C1, for this amazing surprise (and of course our friend Jean-Ann for…

Von C2 27. Oktober 2020 0


When everybody seems to be enthusiastic about a place we both tend to be rather skeptical – at least it helps to avoid being disappointed in the end. What would Tofino actually be like? Would the famous seaside town on Vancouver Island be a good spot for our first and desperately needed holiday after 1,5…

Von C2 15. September 2020 2

Down By The Water

On an island the ocean of course is never far away. That’s even more true, if you are living near the coast – as we have been doing for a year now. Yes, this week we had our first „Sooke Anniversary“: one year ago we moved into our house on the West Coast. During the…

Von C2 3. September 2020 1

My Secret Garden

Do you fancy a zucchini, or more? How about 100? Several of our neighbours and friends have heard that question recently. That’s not surprising, since we started a zucchini production on a grand scale. We didn’t plan that way, but it turned out that way. Worse things can happen. In spring, when C2 planted the…

Von C2 5. August 2020 2

Whales Tales

What a mind-blowing experience: We saw our first whales! No planning was needed: We just walked on a beach, and suddenly they appeared. So we observed two humpback whales from shore for more than an hour, a mother and her calf. This day had some more spectacular sightings to offer: Botanical Beach with its unique…

Von C2 5. Juli 2020 0

Dream On

365 days, or 525.600 minutes (… and you can do the math for the seconds): That’s how long we have been living in Canada now. Exactly one year ago we arrived at the Vancouver International Airport, with three backpacks, one carry-on suitcase and our documents to become Permanent Residents. We knew we wanted to live…

Von C2 31. Mai 2020 0

Happy House

How lovely it is to live by the ocean – we still are in constant awe. It takes us just a few minutes to reach one of many beaches, we just have to decide which one to choose. This week we picked the following two – and discovered that sunsets are breathtaking in this part…

Von C2 9. November 2019 0